воскресенье, 19 марта 2017 г.

The Etnic Eco-Farmstead – The Museum of Ukrainian Motanka-Doll[1] - “Lialyna Svitlytsia” (“Doll’s Chamber”) Ukrainian Guest House

Sincerely invites you:
·         to discover authenticity of Ukrainian traditions
·         to taste forgotten dishes of ancient Poltava region cuisine,
·         to experience the process of creating hand-made Ukrainian motanka-dolls,
·         to decorate Ukrainian ritual gingerbread, create ceremonial “horses” from rye bread, make Didukhs[2], cook and try “kachana kasha”[3], wedding cones[4] etc.
We offer our visitors:
·         Accommodation in traditional style;
·         Meals from Ukrainian national cuisine;
·         Creative workshops;
·         Excursions, etc.

Please contact OLENA SHCHERBAN – wise hostess of the Guest House, ethnologist, Candidate of Historical Sciences (PhD).
Guest House Address:              19 Partyzanska str.
Opishnia Village in Poltava region, Ukraine
Tel.:                                                   +38066 18 45 061
+38068 42 808 35

[1] Motanka-Doll – Ukrainian ritual handmade doll, usually made of piece of cloth or any fabric, used as a protection from evil, luck attraction etc;
[2] Didukh is Ukrainian Christmas decoration, symbol of harvest, prosperity, wealth, etc.
[3] Kachana kasha – Ukrainian traditional food from Poltava region, kind of porridge cooked according to ancient local recipe;
[4] Wedding cone – a kind of ritual bread baked for weddings and decorated.

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